If you are living with Cancer in Forth Valley, Active Stirling offers a free programme to help get you active and stay active in a safe and supported environment. Our activities are suitable for everyone regardless of where you are in your cancer journey.

Taking part in a physical activity programme during and after cancer treatment can play a huge part in enabling you to take back control. It can help you prevent and manage some of the effects of treatment, such as fatigue, depression and decreased muscle strength and mobility. We will take the time to get to know you and all that matters to you surrounding your diagnosis so we can help you get the support you need to take care of your health.

  • Individuals must be referred onto the Move More Forth Valley programme by their Health Care professional, who has full access to their medical records.
  • Once referred, details will be sent to the Move More Forth Valley Coordinator. Your referral form will be reviewed to ensure that you are eligible for the programme and that all necessary details and information have been provided.
  • Once the referral form has been processed the coordinator will contact you to arrange an initial consultation, with your personal fitness instructor. The initial consultation will be an opportunity for you and your instructor to discuss your current health and activity levels as well as any queries you may have about the programme. You will not be required to do any physical activity at this meeting.
  • Following the initial consultation your instructor will arrange a follow up meeting for 7–10 days’ time. This will be the start point for your 12-week physical activity programme. We make every effort to make this scheme as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Macmillan move more team

Dawn Wilkie

Macmillan Move More Coordinator

Pauline McKenzie

Macmillan Physical Activity Consultant

Alison Kilgnannon

Macmillan Physical Activity Consultant

Siobhan Duffy

Macmillan Physical Activity Consultant

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