Fight your fears.

Fear , manipulation and propaganda.

These are the only weapons some people use to systematically destroy you.

Putting fear of things other that Allah SWT .

Playing on your insecurities.

Intentionally putting you into an emotional turmoil.

Upsetting you on purpose , just to get their way.

They do it so cleverly that they never get caught, you might keep thinking there’s something wrong with you, it may take years to realize what has happened with you.

You might be in a game where the rules keep changing.

A game you didn’t even know you were playing .

People might be competing you with you when you didn’t even know there was a competition going on.

You may be an enemy for someone , lost , confused on someone’s battlefield, fighting a one sided war you didn’t even know you were a part of.

You will question yourself so much because you don’t know what on earth is happening.

While you are busy improving yourself, working on your goals and ambitions ,you got dragged into a battle you didn’t want to fight .

When this happens,

When you realize what has happened you need to know a few things :

  1. It’s not your fault, some people just like to pick fights for no reason.
  2. You don’t need to participate in that game , it’s up to you to leave . 
  3. Be brave , you need to build up your courage.
  4. Know your worth. 
  5. Build your self esteem. 
  6. Surround yourself with people who boost your confidence. 
  7. Reach out for your support system 
  8. Seek help from Allah Ta’ala.
  9. Recite daily Azkaar to save yourself form such enemies. 
  10. Recite Surah Baqarah regularly.
  11. Offer hajat nafil , ask for help from Allah Ta’ala to protect you and keep you strong .

Build yourself up, nobody else can do it for you.

The world will try to bring you down, people will try to bring you down, consciously or subconsciously, nobody is going to let you grow.

Don’t ask for permission to be happy.

No one will give you affirmations .

No one  will rush to ease your pain.

No one will rush to put your heart at ease. 

Not everyone is like you.

If you have been brought up in a household where these weapons of fear and manipulation were not used and only love reigned, you would have no idea why anyone would intentionally drive someone crazy, when all your life you have seen only love, good intentions and endless support from people around you ,you would have a hard time believing someone could be so evil, that someone could be after you for no reason, you have to realize that your circumstances are exactly the reason why someone would feel insanely jealous of you, feel crippling insecurity just by being around you.

If you are some onewho can’t see tears in someone’s eyes , you will have a hard time understanding why someone would purposely make others cry.

If you are someone who feels others’ pain you will have a hard time believing that someone  could put others in  pain. 

If you are someone who can’t stand injustice you will have hard time believing someone can be unjust and unfair. 

If you are someone who is always ready to help others in need you will have a hard time believing someone can purposely be unhelpful. 

If you always try to be kind you will have a hard time believing some can be cold and mean to gentle souls who mean no harm.

So when you see all this happening ,in result you start giving benefit of doubt to others and you start questioning your self . 

Please don’t do that.

Don’t let it destroy you.

Know , there’s a reason for every suffering.

Remember Allah’s promise:

Your  journey has a purpose. 

It helped mold you to achieve great things .

You know in cartoons when there’s a bad guy and a good guy. 

The bad guy is a huge scary monster whose throwing red rays toward the good guy. 

And the good guy is throwing blue rays to fight the red rays , then their rays collide and a tug ensues , when finally the red rays of evil turn blue and the bad guy’s powers  are transferred to the hero , making him stronger than he was before , and ultimately the good guy wins . 

That’s what happens in real life too .

If you keep doing good , ultimately the negativity thrown at you will make you stronger. 

Your weaknesses will become your strengths. 

You will rule your fears.

You will destroy your inner demons. 

You will become powerful .

And with that power you will chart new pathways,

And scale great mountains, 

And reach new heights, which you never thought were possible for you to reach .

Just remember: