Live to learn

We learn something new everyday ,that’s what makes us human:learning, adopting, evolving.If we want to improve ourselves we must have an attitude of a student willing to learn.When we are kids we learn basic things at school, we learn about alphabets and numbers ,science and geography and to our young minds thats all the learning we need to do ,we think when school finishes learning finishes too but the truth is, real learning starts when we get into the real world, when we start living our lives we learn so much stuff, we experience things we never knew existed, we learn about heartbreak, about hopelessness, about love, about, empathy, about compassion and gratitude ,the more a person experiences these things the more he learns how to deal with the world, what to adopt and what to reject, what to give out to other people and what to hold back, experiences make us what we are.

Although two people could have the same experience and take back completely different things from it, for example, two people get bullied at school, they faced fear and hopelessness on a daily basis ,their bullies made them feel anxious, and worthless ,good for nothing losers, but one of those two people learns empathy and compassion from this experience, he decides never to make someone else feel what their bullies made them feel, they learn to look out for other people ,they learn kindness and compassion ,and they turn out to be good human beings.While the other person learns completely different things from the same experience, he learns domination, and violence ,he leans manipulation and mind games and then proceeds to treat others the way he was treated .

See, same experience ,different lessons,
Now its up to us what we choose to learn from our experiences, we can pick the positives in a bad situation or we can pick the negatives in a good situation. Our perspective shapes our reality.What we chose to learn shapes are future, for in every experience of our life there is something to learn.

Learning is so essential for humans that the Almighty Allah, Our Creator ,the All Knowing when He sent down the first revelation to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)it was about learning ,it was about ordering us to learn!The first revelation,which the angel Jibreel (as) brought to our Prophet (pubh),in the cave of Hira around 1400 years ago, when mankind was drowning in the darkness of ignorance ,was “READ’,(the arabic word for which is IQRA)
Our Prophet (peace be upon him) was in the cave of Hira ,in Makkah ,when the angel Jibreel came to him and said “Recite”,

“I cannot recite “,said the Prophet (peace be upon him)then the angel took him and embraced him tightly and then let him go and repeated the order,”RECITE”I cannot recite, the prophet (peace be upon him )said and once again he squeezed him and let him go and again the angel ordered “recite”,”I cannot recite “,said the Prophet (peace be upon him).The angel squeezed the Prophet (peace be upon him)for a third time and the let him go and said,
Read! In the name of your Lord,Who created (all that exists, has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).Read! and your Lord is the most Generous.'[96:1-3]
Imagine,the first order from the Almighty Allah ,which came after a gap of around 500 years ,was about learning ,about enlightening oneself ,about coming out of the darkness towards light,and who knows whats best for us humans than our creator.

So,we must keep learning ,and improving ourselves,its really not easy to live in this world if we don’t have the proper coping mechanisms for what life throws at us.Each person will have different trials ,which only he will have to face and learn to deal with them ,some very important things to learn ,in order to live a fulfilling life are these:

Learn to live with opposition,

learn to co exist

learn to let go

learn to forgive

learn to be kind

learn courage

learn to speak your truth

learn how to give respect

learn ,and keep learning, to become a better version of yourself.

I once read somewhere ,”you cannot stop the waves ,but you can learn how to surf’

How true is that ,right?you cannot stop the tests and trials that are written for you ,you have to face them but what you can do is, you can learn how to handle them.Your trial could be a a disobedient child, a difficult spouse, a small house, you might struggle with weight, you might have health problems ,the list is endless, just know that you are not alone, each and every person is dealing with some sort of problem in their lives, what we can do is ,we can make peace with our life and attempt to make it the best life possible for us .